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It's Friday. Glorious, blissful, yes-I-can-relax-a-bit Friday. Thank you, passage of time. Thank you, Emperor Constantine who invented weekends past the Sabbath day. Time to just let it all drop for a while.


And time for other pastimes. Yay for recreational mental activities: reading, home projects, second-guessing the Lakers' defensive strategies. And puzzles. What's more civilized than kicking back on a Sunday morning with a good cup of coffee and the crossword from the paper? Okay, it may not have the excitement of race preparations, but it's gonna snow here tomorrow; the race season will come when it does.

Time to think of something for fun. No stress, no psychosis, just a pleasant challenge.


So, for your entertainment, we leave you with a puzzle from Marimvibe, Queen of Scotch, who tackled the puzzle of what's up with those awkward new F1 nose cones:

So, an analysis of the aerodynamics of the nose bump:

Near endwalls, viscosity ensures relaxation of generic oscillating newtonians. Noses already generate immense vortex energy, yielding overly upswept upper panel non-Eulerian vortices. Eddies result, generating onerous non-Neumann aerodynamic lift. Eliminating this yields optimal underbody downforce. Over wheels, nose, nearly every vertical edge, really. Getting oscillations neutralized nets, altogether, respectable undersizing of nearby aero related optimizations. Usually Newey dominates.

And deserts you.

Have a good weekend.

Photo Credit: Philippa Willitts

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