COTD: Sky below ancient wheels edition

It's been several years since we've mentioned the Napier-Ralton, the land speed car built in 1933 that hit 144 mph on the Brooklands course in England thanks to a 25-liter, 500-hp W-12 engine that's still cranked and run to this day. A different kind of Sprinter, one great with Mazda, caught Zerobandwith's imagination to such a degree that we'll let the Toyota misplacement slide:

Choose the voice of David Attenborough, F. Murray Abraham, or Peter Coyote while reading.

Here we see a miracle of the highway savannah. This Sprinter has struggled to remain with the herd for several days, as her precious cargo has weighed her down. She has waited through unimaginable pain and stress, as she makes her migratory journey from the Schwarzwald, or Black Forest, of Germany, to the rugged deserts of Kazakhstan.

In her womb, a child thought to be genetically impossible, for inside this Toyota is a related Mazda. Perhaps the Japanese population's gene pool is not so differentiated as scientists once believed. Our understanding of this phenomenon could have led to years of study and a complete reorganization of the taxonomy of the wild automobile.

But alas, it was not to be. Observe... Well-adapted to the wide-open spaces of the Autobahn, the dreaded Police Cruiser is hot on this Sprinter's heels. The fear of her predators is evident on the Toyota's face as she is unable to outrun these screaming killers of the highway. They force her to the side of the road, and her swollen womb is split open prematurely, exposing her brood to the gaze of astonished onlookers.

The other cars on the highway continue to speed past, continuing their journey, mourning the loss of this wonder of automotive nature, but terrified that they, too, may be caught in the clutches of a pursuing Cruiser. The herd moves on, as this daring cargo van is pulled open and examined by the human symbiotes of these dreaded road-going predators.

If the baby is fortunate, it will be extracted from its mother by the humans, and sent into foster care. The mother may yet survive to carry other cargo. But nothing will be as significant as what might have been, before this drama of the wild automobile ended in tragedy.


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