COTD: Sir Stirling's Scalextric edition

Sir Stirling Moss may have retired from all forms of competitive driving, but one suspects he will be tinkering with cars as long as he's able, at least based on how he used to spend his free time with the Scalextrics. Which brings us to another moving on moment: Today's the last day for Adrian (aka @Diffeomorphic on the twitters) to be assisting with sorting through comments every day to help us find the winner. Fittingly, it was one of Adrian's picks that won today: the Guacanator's idea for an international house of screwed-up vehicles, a la the A5 dragster:

I propose this, lets hold a competition, one of those reality TV shows.

We get 4 teams, a Swedish, an Australian, a Texan and a Japanese, each gets a base budget of $5,000. Their objective will be to create the most outrageous car with that money, in mid-season, we add an extra spice, we enter 2 girls in each team, always wearing bikinis, (I love girls in bikini, it will bring a lot of new viewers). Then, each team will present their car to the Jalopnik judges.

Gimi will judge the speed and the execution of the work.
Luis "la bestia" will judge the engineering
Ray will judge the exhaust and overall dragonability
Skaycog can bring some more bikini clad girls
Spiegel can judge the cuteness of it.
pauljones can bring his wisdom around and make some clever remarks.
If some one finds Ash around, we can ask him to make a Comment of the Day for each day.
Spinelli can take a ride in each car and make a "first drive" article, as long as it's funny.

The wining team gets a Gold Account on Jalopnik and the title of "The Jalopest Country yet known" for their country.

1. Yes Texas is a country
2. Electric cars can be built as long as they can handle a 24 hour race. With no electrical recharge allowed.
3. No, Murilee Martin can't wear a bikini, but he can be a judge too


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