COTD: Saving fuel with "Swumble" edition

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One might think that a public relations agency would check which websites write stories about fuel-saving device scams featuring Nascar endorsements before sending over a press release about a fuel-saving scam featuring a Nascar endorsement. Thankfully, that didn't happen to the Liberator Fuel Saver, whose technology "fits into vehicle intake manifolds, inducing controlled turbulence into the intake air through a unique combination of tumbling and swirl, a process they call Swumble." Yes, like an automotive NuvaRing, Swumble keeps fuel out of your engine and has Kenny Wallace's full endorsement. It's flubber for oxygen! A more realistic kind of product engineering was devised by Half The Wheels, Twice The Fun in response to the sight of a Bugatti EB110 on an Italian boulevard:

An American, German, Japanese, and Italian car maker were all sitting in a cafe in Italy one day, talking shop.

"Our new prototype is pretty powerful; brand new V-8 and enough torque to bend time. We took it out into the desert to test it so no one could see. Might have riled up some UFO nutjobs, though..." The American said.

"We rented out the Suzuka race circuit, brought a few tons of computing power, and our Super Mobile Lab to microscopically detect any metal shavings in the oil pan after it ran a few laps," The Japanese auto maker replied.

"We cover ours in swirly white decals and disguise the bodywork, then take it to the Nurburgring - And we're going to bury that damn CTS-V, I hope you know," the German said, pointing angrily to the American.

"Sure you are, Franz," the American smirked over his beer before turning to the Italian car maker. "Where do you test your prototypes? Probably up in the Alps, right?"

"It's parked out front," the Italian said over his wine, barely paying attention.

"What?!" the other three cried in surprise. "What about the press?" the American cried out. "But you can't account for the variables!" the Japanese said in surprise. "Why would you do that?" the German asked.

"Because I was thirsty," the Italian said as he stood up, grabbing his wine glass and nodding to a blonde sitting at the bar, "and I like getting laid."



Congratulations, Mr. Half the Wheels, Twice the Fun, on COTD! I have for you a handsome Bugatti with a lovely lady to bring it to you. Hilarious comment......good job!