We may or may not be living in the Age of Anxiety. (We may instead be living in the Age of Xanax.) But fears and neuroses and guilts are still too common a part of everyday life.

Yes, we see you doing that. Don't hide. Are you hiding?

Sure, take your pain and weirdness and try to stuff it down. Act like a "normal" human being. Put a lid on your impulses and desires and rages for as long as you possibly can until you have to find a professional who will sit there and listen to all of it. Wouldn't life be easier if we just admitted these things?

Which is how InvisibleEcho was able to finally find a sort of peace after reading about Rauno Aaltonen at the 1967 Monte Carlo rally:

I got exactly what I wanted out of this article, and there's no obfuscating layer of shame or monetary loss that's typically involved out of things I want. And it felt great.


Photo credit: Thirteen of Clubs