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The 2011 Formula One season is over; long live Bernie Ecclestone. The cars have been packed away, and the drivers are headed back home to Monaco or wherever. We've posted the final Crayola depiction and the world has said its piece. Almost.


Commenter Angryokie, displaying a good-commenting practice we're calling AAV — always add value — decided to compile some quotes from the F1 season finale at Interlagos. The point being, you don't always have to be the cleverest bastard at the pub to get the commentary nod, wink wink.

Here are my favorite quotes from the season finale weekend at
The 2011 Formula One Brazilian GP

" a true road circuit, giving you the impression you're actually going somewhere." - Bob Varsha

"That's what they call an 'early apex' that, Steve." - David Hobbs

"Petrov gave an interview...where he was less than pleased..." - Matchett
"He pretty much dragged the team up and down the pit lane." - Varsha
"He didn't like the sandwiches, the coffee was cold..." - Matchett

"Well, everybody has a bodyguard in Brazil." - Bob Varsha

"Oh, don't let the facts get in the way of a good story, David." - Bob Varsha

" come out of the blocks with something of a dog and you can never make it up." - Steve Matchett

"Maybe Formula One should have an inversion rule in qualifying." - Bob Varsha

"......................" - Varsha, Hobbs, and Matchett (during Vettel's helmet cam shot)

"I remember all the entertainment shows showing pictures of Nicole Scherzinger annnnd that racing driver she was hanging around with." - Bob Varsha

"A little bit of klag on one of the aerials there, David. Adrian won't like that." - Steve Matchett

"...and then this morning, the usual nemesis, a little tousle-haired German, leaps into the front there..." - David Hobbs

"Boy, that helmet looks familiar, doesn't it?" - Steve Matchett

"The biggest rainforest in the world is all around us,, obviously if it's a 'rain' 'forest' it must rain a lot." - David Hobbs

"...and who knows whoever else to throw up into the mix. Enjoy it, guys." - Will Buxton

"All the fans back in the states are really keen to know 'What's going on with Austin'?" - Buxton
"Exacty." - Bernie

"They've got short of two things, a pen and money." - Bernie

"You *gotta* have a good complain." - David Hobbs

"Gotta be a million-to-une shot that these guys come together in the closing race, isn't it?" - Steve Matchett

"I feel like Senna in '91." - Vettel

"That was the quickest lap, Mark. We don't need any more." - Ciaron Pilbeam

And one other observation, is it more irony or unhappy coincidence the the Nova Schin logo looks a lot like the Schlitz logo?

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