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We take a lot of stands around here, for manuals and cold mechanics and self-imposed danger, but we're always open to hearing the other side, one aptly provided by AMGKiller in today's piece about federales pursuing illicit Nissan Skylines:

Heeeere we go. All the Jalops pausing whichever illegally downloaded episode of Top Gear they were watching to come out in support of the greatest american tragedy to ever befall this once great nation.

Jesus H Christ, some guy had his toys seized because they were here illegally. There are rules for importing vehicles. Follow them. If you get mixed up with a shady importer, that's not the government's fault. That doesn't change the fact that your car is here illegally. If your car gives birth to a baby car, I suppose all of you would want it to be granted citizenship because it couldn't control where it was born? Hogwash.

And yes the government has more important things to do with its time and money but I think it's only fair that the government get to screw around and be as wasteful and unproductive as its citizens. How many of you guys reading this right now are at work and should be working?

*raising my hand*.

Calm the fuck down. This isn't a Nazi or a Fascist state because of this. And Skyline owners can go cry about it to their Congressmen if they want to. If you want to change the rules, do it, don't whine about it.

And the ex post facto bs can go fly a kite, there is no deprivation of life or liberty here.


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