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Astronomers seeking the first planet beyond the solar system that maybe-kinda-sorta has the right amount of traits for life have verified one candidate known as Zarmina's World, about 20 light years away from Earth, even though it doesn't appear to spin on its axis. The increasing restrictions on life on this planet led The Guacanator to suggest some out-of-this-world answers for hooning:

Cars are faster than ever, engines are more powerful than ever, and yet, every year the speed limits around the world are decreasing.

Cars are fun to drive, since we are kids we always want to go faster and to feel the speed, yet, the authorities keep making more and more stringent laws to keep us from fun.

C'mon! we are already corporate slaves, we are tortured into our own cars being kept inside of them during peak traffic hours, we pay our taxes, we have house, wives, children to feed and we are loosing more and more freedom all the time, do not smoke, do not hoon, do not this, do not that.

The governments around the world are creating populations of frustrated people, people who wants to live a little bit, who wants to know how it feels to be free, pretty much as a kid that grows up on a very sexually restricted environment in which everything is prohibited, there will be consequences to his psyche, (results may vary from respectful gentleman to sexual offender), we are growing as timid drivers, and the consequences are shown every time the weather changes, you make a little change in the conditions and BAM! you are done, accidents every where.

Access to motorsports facilities, hooning allowed zones for free and free speed zones are important to release the "speed tension" within our heads, such as prostitutes and strip clubs release our sexual tension, this zones should be allowed under our own risk. I know there are drag strips, track days and so, but there's always a cost to use them, free hooning zones, as deserted parkings, unused roads or free speed limit days should be encouraged.

Hooning should be a human right!

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