COTD: Nomad is an island edition

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We've seen some 'shops in our day... Considering GM's lukewarm, condescending denial of the veracity of those C7 Corvette renderings we showed earlier today, someone had to respond with an equally lukewarm visual. And someone did. And we laughed.


There's something about half-assed Photoshop work that works well, comedically. And that's how Obrut-2002 (aka I love you but I've chosen hooning!) delivered with the shabby-chic rendering above, which ties in with a famous Corvette concept car — the Corvette Nomad of 1954. While the rendering is the real commentary, the matter-of fact follow-along text is the setup. Please to read and look.

Do not kid yourselves, for I have the one and only picture of the real 20-and-whenever-this-comes-out lo and behold the all new

Corvette Station Wagon!!!

Uhh-huuu suckers!!!

She's a beauty, I know

We can tell by the pixels.

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Congratulations, Mr. Orbut-2002 on your hilarious half-assed photoshop! I would like to gift you with a beautiful Corvette which the lovely full-assed lady will bring to you in a few days.