British music journalist Nina C. Alice once said of Lemmy Kilmister's Mötorhead lyrics, "Those lyrics are so heavy, you have to weigh 'em." Yeah, it's a little cockney, but we know what she means.

Like Lemmy, Frogberg gets that sometimes stripping down a story into component phrases has the opposite effect of increasing the weight of the subject matter. And that's what he's done here, in a brutally heavy restatement of Wes Siler's adventures in a Soviet-era military factory, now abandoned in Siberia. Someone get out their drop-D-tuned Les Paul and make with the metal.

Once proud

Ever cold

Ural bikes

Company sold

Profits rule

Empties town

Heat steam

shut down

Wild dogs

Rule landscape

Buildings fall

Empty shape

Industrial waste

Potential lost


At what cost?

Hope glimmers

Machines operate

Rugged bikes

Find marketplace