One of my favorite sayings is "no one can pick on my little brother/sister/friend but me." It's a universal feeling. Whether it's Bart and Milhouse or Nixon and Spiro Agnew, when someone else picks on someone you care about, it's a threat. Especially if the person you care about is the person you pick on the most. The poster behind the worst lowering job in history has been the source of web scorn, but GuacamoleFire finds the same principle at work on that forum and over here on Jalopnik and expands on how this might be a positive instinct.

There are two ways to see this.
A) Guy is a total noob.

B) Guy is a total troll.

If A, he deserves respect and guidance, in the end he's a guy trying to get help and trying to work on his car, well done or not, for all the wrong reasons probably but to each his own, nobody should judge his taste. So, in case he is a novice, he's been trolled hard enough to hide his ass in Russia to never show again, not at least with the same handle/car combo.

If B, there's the huge chance that all newbies out there, trying to get instructions/guidance into how to make some wrenching themselves are going to lose the confidence to go and ask on forums.

Fortunately all the forums that I visit are troll-less. Probably because they are not that famous or popular. But I think, that we, as forum members or community members should all be more like

OpelWagenGT, to be helpful and provide a sensible explanation. Remove those stupid cliches and try Forums to meet their objective, to share information and be a source of knowledge. Avoiding troll baits and obvious scams is important and should not be encouraged. And that is why Jalopnik is a great community, because we troll our selves to the point where you know that any stupid reply is a trolling, and keep your life going, and because, when there's a total newbie we don't go barking at him like famished dogs and rather give a hand on any question.

That is why even trolling or being trolled at Jalopnik is cool, and seen with a different lens, because we, as a community are beyond trolling. Cheers for that Jalops, I hope we never lose that essence.


Right, see, when we troll ourselves. Over here.

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