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COTD: Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom edition

I am just old enough to remember watching original broadcasts of Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom," where Marlin Perkins typically crouched behind a Jeep while Jim Fowler tried to film a pack of alligators mating nearby. "Wild Kingdom" set the tone for nature shows that most still follow today, with less harp music. It's a durable enough format that MoeJr drew on it for his comment on the non-throwdown in a Texas parking lot:

Watch the complicated mating ritual of the motorized douchebags. They tend to run in packs of douchebags as we see in this documentary. Watch as the patriarch of the parking lot is challenged by the younger douche (the technical term for the young car douche is "n00b"). We see them yelling to determine dominance. But this pack is comprised completely of effeminate douches who dont get to the true fight for dominance of the parking lot. There is a lot of noise and puffing out of chests but nobody is actually hurt. In the end there is no winner here.

Tune in next week as we watch the bare-chested gold-chained jersey douche fight for the ownership of the pool.


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Congratulations, Mr. moejr, on COTD! I would like to gift you with a beautiful Corvette to be brought to you by this lovely lady when she has finished loving on the Vette. I think she may a bit of wildlife herself.