However we feel about automobile emissions and fuel efficiency, mapping out a way forward hasn't been easy. That's largely because we can't agree on what about gasoline-powered cars we're willing to give up. Diesel? Hybrid? Hybrid diesel? French fries? Huh?

Baconstrips gives us a few overly-sensitive contrarian's reasons why we shouldn't embrace diesel. One of those reasons? We'll get fatter than we already are. Fat? Diesel? Does not compute. Or does it?

Diesel powered cars are all well and good and definitely much better for the environment than hybrids once you factor in battery pack (replacement). I'm all for better emissions and fuel economy. But did anyone stop to think of the downsides to diesel? Here are two and a half off the top of my head -

1. Diesel exhaust smells bad. Like a cross between a hobo in August and a moldy gym sock. Even with the fancy new ultra-low sulfur fuel and the pee-injection systems that have been added to new cars, it still stinks and quickly gives me a headache. This is why I haven't been back to Europe in years.

1a. Bio-diesel makes me want to eat french fries. And not a little craving. It's the "someone made popcorn in the office" craving. You know, the one where you are suddenly ravenous and would kill babies for a snack even though you just ate a huge lunch. You think we're a nation of fatties now, just wait till you see McDiesel stations popping up all across the country. "Fill her up! And while you're at it, can you put some gas in the car too?"

2. You are more likely to find a clean squeegee than find a diesel pump at most gas stations. Our infrastructure isn't set up for diesel. I'm sure this would change, but it would take a lot of work to install new storage tanks and pumps at gas stations. Better to just tear down old stations and build McDiesels.

Damnit. Now I want fries.