COTD: Mark of authenticity edition

It's lovely how Ferrari tells the origin story of the black prancing stallion logo as if it's revealing a secret stolen from the Vatican. Enzo only told it once; you're lucky to even observe it. Starting out authentic is easy; maintaining it is the hard part, as BMW's learning with fake sounds. Bill Caswell, the floor is yours:

FAKE ENGINE NOISE? WTF? What's next? Fake carbon fiber roofs? Fake performance, like a 0-60 timer pretends to go 60mph but actually only times it to 50mph so you're faster than the magazine statistics? Maybe buy some Saab motors at a discount and put fake BMW badges on it? The only thing I'm sure of is that the buyers will be fake drivers as well. Who the hell buys a car with fake engine noises? Oh and can I get the fake acceleration statistics too? Oh yeah and do you have fake sunroofs that look like a sunroof but its not glass, just a picture of the sky painted on the ceiling. Even better would be to offer the fake M5 engine noise option in the regular 5 series. Dont have the cash for a fast 5 series?, just check the fake engine box and your car will sound like an M5, but only to the passengers...this is a joke right?


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Congratulations, Mr. Bill Caswell, on COTD today! I would like to gift you with this BMW.....nothing fake about it. This lovely lady will bring it to you soon.....nothing fake about her......well, maybe something. Good job, Sir!