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The world is a complicated place. Today, we question loudly other people's motives for doing things we find incomprehensible. Tomorrow, we realize the consequences of those actions indeed do not suck. What a curious world this is, indeed.


And as such, TheKlic01, a glass-half-full kind of guy, lays a rollercoaster of a toast on Jeff Kiesel. Jeff, remember, is the guy whose turbocharged rotary-powered Bugeye Sprite verily tore up El Toro. So raise your highball glasses high, and give a salute to the thinking man's inevitable progression from outrage to understanding.

Hey Jeff, I know it's been a couple years. But I still gotta let you know.

You did something tantamount to sacrilege, You pulled a Rotary out of a Mazda. You then Turbo-Charged it. You then tore out the beating heart of the Sprite and shoved this nasty Japanese beast into it's precious little body. you pounded and shoved when it clearly wasn't meant to be.

You then abused this poor little thing to within an inch of its life.

And you know what Jeff? I like you.

I know you did something sort of like making a pony run itself to death to beat thoroughbreds, but you did it well.

You win today sir, and I shall drink some Green tea in your honor. Not because it is the drink of men, but because I'm at work and trying to keep calories down. The gesture remains the same however.

All of you, raise your corporate mid-management drink to toast this man who wins at Jalop
This ones to you Jeff!

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