Over at No One Rides For Free, the crew took a brief look away from the world of antique custom van magazines to share this: a 1971 Ford Ranchero with ostentation not seen since the last burial of an Egyptian pharoh, including a carpeted bed area perfect for...working as a carpet salesman. The aesthetic choices of another auto enthusiast can lead to strange places, as Ex. Pres. Mack "Sideshow" 41 said with his adaptation of "Pink Cadillac" to a Bijan'd Veyron:

You may think I'm blind
For the ugly things I make
You may wonder how come I do it
When you get on my case like you do
Well baby you know I bug ya
There ain't no secret 'bout that
Well come on over here and look
Baby I'll spill the facts
Well honey I waste my money
'Cause baby I got plenty of that
No its cause I love
Pussy magnet yellow
Whale penis leather
Wastin all that gas
Reekin down the street
Waving to the girls
Feeling out of sight
Spending more than you make
Every night
Honey I just think how you sit there and cry
"Oh my eyes!"
Spendin all o'my money
On my yeller Buggati
Yeller Buggati