COTD: If Chad Ochocinco drives a Prius, why can't I edition

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In the comment storm generated by the question of why black Americans seem to shun hybrids and electric vehicles despite the trailblazing leadership of Chad Ochocinco, LastActionZero came up with a nuanced take:

Wow, just wow. OK now, young, black, educated, democrat, greenie, urbanitie's perspective in 3,2,1.....

I think that it is obviously a mix of MANY varibles, but two main ones:

Cost/Value proposition - a new hybrid in the 23 - 30K range (there are no cheaper models yet) is the size of a Civic/Corolla/Sentra, etc. For that kind of money, you could have a Accord, Charger, Taurus, Altima, used 3 series (entry level luxury car), etc. Many AMERICAN people are under the impression that Bigger means better and they should get the most CAR for their money. Not necessarily true but I digress.


Image - The prius has turned into the go-to car for wannabe greenies, pompous assholes who think they are better, people who are scared about gas or those that want to "save the planet" (read: misinformed). That is the "image" of the car. I know I don't like that image.
Not to mention, most of the hybrid market are not very stylish cars. They don't look good, the interiors aren't real great (I have sat in the prius and it's real good), and have little redeeming qualities in driving experience.

I think, personally, these are very AMERICAN variables not just AFRICAN-AMERICAN. But what do i know, I drive a 04' Mazda3 Hatch and am currently trying to find a way to choke out Waka Flocka, because his music makes me want to punch puppies.


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His last name is Johnson. You got that? Johnson. Not Ochocinco.