COTD: Homespun wisdom edition

Out of the mouths of small-town moms often comes some of the wisest commentary. Thus is the basis for such homespun humorists as, oh just for example, Andy Griffith. So before we reveal today's Commenter of the Day, can I get an "aw' shucks"?

Before he made it big on the TeeVee, ol' Andy had a hit record on which he portrayed a hillbilly trying to explain the game of football. The bit was called," What it Was Was Football." Of course, that bit wasn't just "country dumb" jokes, it was a lesson in linguistic and cultural deconstruction of the kind French philosophers only wish they could pull off.


It's in this vein that TimTim recalls anecdotally a similar moment of simple wisdom.

Reminds me of the time we took my buddy's mom, a small town cattle farmer, to watch an autocross... for the life of her, she couldn't figure out why everyone was in such a hurry to go find a parking spot.

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