COTD: Hemingway In Spain Edition

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I'm trying to decide where to go for spring break. I long to escape the cold and darkness and wind. Especially the wind: there's something about the winter wind in New York, how it slices through clothing and leaves you feeling drained.


Going to Spain would be nice. You think Spain, and Ernest Hemingway (he's the one in the middle with the beret) isn't too far behind for most well-read Americans. Which isn't a bad thing, especially for wordslingers. Papa is the aspirational model for about 80% of all Web writing: clean, straightforward, descriptive. It's something I'm still trying to get right; constant reminders of the struggles involved in good, concise wording are part of life here.

Which is why I give credit to Jackie and one impressively succinct description of an unfortunate accident that damaged a poor gentleman's you-know-what:

Wins bones.

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Congratulations, Ms. Jackie on COTD today! I would like to gift you with a beautiful Harley, complete with sidecar. This lovely lady will ride it to you in a few days. Way to go, girlfriend! ;)