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If you spent the weekend watching scenes from Japan and worrying whether the devastation might have in some small way affected the planet's most important class — namely, American celebrity talk-show hosts — your prayers were answered today. Jimmy Kimmel was on vacation in French Polynesia when the tsunami alert came in, and as his worthwhile story relates, the wealthy types who shared his resort behaved about like one might expect in an emergency. How the wealthy comport themselves also shaped
Hoonthatsc's comment on the rotting supercars of Brunei: god. I am SOOOO happy this was written. Ive always dreamed about this collection, but at the back of my mind, known that it was in a terrible state of disrepair. Its a true shame, many of these cars would have made enthusiasts like me extremely happy just to see them being driven out on the road. I remember one of the most polarizing moments of my life was walking into a workshop where a mechanic was elbow deep in the engine bay of an F40. To see such a was breathtaking. Those cars could have made people so happy.....

I Implore you. If you EVER come into possession of a Ferrari/Lamborghini/Classic car etc. Drive the wheels off of it, bolt them back on, and keep going. It keeps the next generation of car enthusiasts alive and fosters new passions.

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