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We live in a world where it's very hard to truly be in control. Maybe that's part of the appeal of driving: there's the sense of vector dynamics and singular destiny. Outside a car, and as you broaden your scope, control is fleeting. It's a damn complicated world out there.


Complicated, messy, full of flux and frustration, everything acting in a seemingly random way...there's seven billion individual thoughts and will out there, and if you've ever been in a traffic jam you know that control of anything is a hopeless idea. Right?

There's no overlord Controller that can manage all that, is there? Do you really think that in this monstrously chaotic reality that anyone, or group of anyones, can really be said to control anyone or anything? Don't you understand how hard it is for them to...I mean, how in spite of what has gotten out...I mean, don't you just understand?


And if you don't understand, well, Neener has a little something to share with you about what goes into calculating gas prices:

509 sum equal 14
519 sum equals 15
529 sum equals 16

14 sum equals 5
15 sum equals 6
16 sum equals 7

5+6+7 = 18
18 averaged out is 6 + 6 + 6


Photo Credit: cobalt123 (hey, waitaminute, that adds up to....)

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