COTD: Flu Season Edition

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It's been a warm January so far, but it's looking like that's changing in a serious hurry. Winds are picking up, temperatures are dropping, snow is imminent if it's not already pouring down. (Drive safe, Great Lakes folks.)


Winter is dreary. It's dark, it's slushy, and — worst of all — everyone gets sick. Dripping noses, coughing, ugh. Miserable to feel, maybe more miserable to be around, especially for the person who's all about, "Oh, I'm okay, it'll get better soon..." Please.

Certain people just need to have their drippy whatevers hauled off to a doctor. Let's hope that whatever health care professional happens to be stuck with your favorite coughing mucus-filled victim of the season is as quick with a correct diagnosis as Kate's Dirty Sister is with his very perceptive take on the BMW 3-Series and its chronic condition:

Nephritis is inflammation of the kidney.

The two most common causes of nephritis are generalized model bloat and unimaginative design based on badge-worshiping magnetism.

Nephritis has the effect of damaging a once perfect kidney grille through the caricaturization its former state.

This means that in addition of their gross appearance , these inflamed kidneys are now mostly useful to attract buyers that tend to care more about prestige, legroom and gadgetry over driving enjoyment.

Therefore the characteristic symptom of nephritis is multiparkingis - meaning the excessive amount of parking spots required for a single car.


Can I please see your insurance card?

Photo Credit: Sabrina Tang

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Bravo KDS! Very nicely played!

In celebrating your very well played medical rationale for why BMW suffers from model bloat, I present to you the correct way to do model bloat. Please find one mini keg of Squatters IPA which is all for you. Or you can share. What was blocked by my picture from yesterday is that on the shelf behind the fridge door was one of these fine fellows which appeared as if by magic one day. Squatters IPA is a less intense IPA than their freaking awesome Hop Rising Double IPA, but when you have an entire minikeg, you find your way. In any case, this is a tasty tasty treat for a COTD that was a joy to read.

Congratulations again! And enjoy the Montreal Auto Show!