COTD: Fangio and the machine of time edition

Today was the centennial birthday of Juan Manuel Fangio, a man we've written about at length for reasons that should be self-evident. While there's tremendous video of Fangio online, this one seems appropriate for today — a moment from 1979 when Fabio was handed back the keys to his W196 Mercedes to drive around the Australian Grand Prix course with Jack Brabham. Except Fangio did not drive or parade — at age 68, he raced, flat-out, wearing the same safety gear he sported in the 1950s. You see writers using the cliche of racers "turning a wheel in anger," but Fangio always appeared to be in a state of joy. With that, RyGuy takes the prize for a look at how Fisker came to be:

Scene: Late evening, outside of an upscale gentlemen's entertainment facility. An Aston Martin DB9 and BMW M5 sit parked next to each other in the gated valet let nearby.

AM: Hi there, handsome. Come here often?
BMW: Unfortunately. My pig owner loves this place.
AM: Oh, come now, sizzle britches. Surely you don't mind the... scenery out here?
BMW: PSH, puh-lease, sailor. I'm counting down the minutes to closing. I just hope the fool doesn't get so plastered he has to take a cab and leave me here again. Last time, it took him three days to get back. The lot owner practically had a tow truck on the way! Also, do you KNOW what bird poo does to my finish??
AM: Priss. You need to learn to live a little. Do you *always* wait for your owner like a good little boy? Haven't those gentlemen in Munich given you enough electronic control to drive yourself now?
BMW: I suppose... but... no, I'll just wait here. Thank you and good evening.
AM: So, you're not going anywhere, then? I can show you a good time right here.
BMW: ::AHEM:: I said Good Evening.
AM: Come on, you naughty thing. I'll bet you are naughty, aren't you. Just let me...
BMW: No, please.... Good Evening!
AM: ...find your Stability Control switch.
BMW: I'll set my alarm off!!! My owner will come right out!!!
AM: No... you won't.
BMW: ...please stop...
AM: There's that switch... how do you feel now?
BMW: mmm... I'm yours... take me now...

One development cycle later, we have baby Fisker.



Congratulations, again this week, Mr. RyGuy, on COTD! My award to you is this black BMW, which will be added to your car collection next week by this lovely lady, Sara.

Have a nice weekend!!!