Why is it that while dozens of hardworking Americans put their mental toil into filming enjoyable shows for automotive enthusiasts, the effort that won the weekend came from a bunch of British dorks who had a vertically challenged host kick a dancing model in her NACA duct? It's just the rules of the game, like our prohibition against giving Spiegel the comment of the day, which I'm ignoring today:

I love playing chess. Sadly when I was younger, I actually hated it. I was a hyper active kid with lots of energy, but not enough to think. Chess on the other hand requires certain degree of patience, great timing and the ability to see past your moves and counter your enemy's. It's a thinking man's game. And because of this (as is the hubris of all sports) elitism becomes the norm.

I played with my uncle for the first time and he was amazing at it, not only did he read my moves but beat me in about a minute flat. And kept doing it over and over, he thought I was stupid, I'll never get the hang of this game. I, slowly but steadily learned the game, different strategies, the intricacies and eventually became a pretty good player.

Ironically, some years later after I've acquired my skills, I tried to teach my youngest cousin how to play and sure enough I was in the very same spot my uncle was when he was teaching me. I thought he wasn't going to get it, he was going to get bored of it and such. But you know what? He learned.

Fast forward to now and it turns out that my cousin can play a pretty mean game of chess. Whenever there's family reunions me and him could spend hours playing one game, trying to read each other's moves and joking about how shitty we both were when we were starting.

He beat me last time.


Oh yeah that's gotta be shitty for them car show guys eh? Maybe they'll never get it.

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