COTD: Every sperm is sacred edition

Verily, the seed of the bull is treated with reverence while the seed of man is spilled upon the ground. Dealkiller's description of the aftermath of an unfortunate bus accident also calls for some musical accompaniment:

Ring.....Hello, John's bull semen extraction shop, "We're always hard up". How can I help you?

Hi, yes this is Greyhound calling. You had sent us four canisters full of bull semen to ship cross country, is that correct?

Yep, you had rates that really to the skrews to UPS or Fed-Ex. I learned that on this automotive website I frequent. You know what they say "The More You Know".

Yes, anyway, unfortunately, the driver of the bus that was shipping your canisters apparently had a problem during transit, and somehow lost your, um, load of semen. The local police we're called in, and let us know as soon as they tracked us down to let us know that we blew that job and had to cum pick up the canisters, as they were laid all over the highway.

OK, that sucks. Is the semen still frozen, or is it all warm and soupy? Because, if it's warm, then it isn't any good for inseminations.

Well, I don't have first hand knowledge, but apparently it was setting in the hot sun for quite some time, and the dry ice evaporated away and the inside of the canisters were all cracked and dry, with very little moisture inside them.

Shit. Well, I do have insurance against loss, so I didn't take it up the ass too bad. Thanks for the call.

You're welcome, and sorry for the inconvenience. Please, remember to Go Greyhound.

Yeah, I'll do that. (Hangs up phone). Bob, get your sorry ass in here, I have a job for you. You have to get another five gallons of bull semen out of old "Red Devil" over there and ship it out ASAP. You know what to do!

Bob. "I hate this damn job" Gets on big rubber gloves, lights a candle and puts on the Luther Vandross.


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