COTD: Driving school days edition

Education is a lifelong enterprise, especially when learning a new skill like sous-vide cooking, neurosurgery or as this video shows, the dangers of being a dim German forklift driver named Klaus, who racks up quite the body count on his first day at work. Getting the right knowledge can take some sacrifices, and No team orders in formuladave laid out some he's willing to make after reading today's story on learning to drive a rally car:

For sale: All internal organs not required to drive rally car. Slightly used, first owner. Minor smoke damage but runs well. Must sell fast. Cash only, no trade. Willing to travel if within Seattle area.

Also for sale:
All clothes other than racing kit
Advertising space on forehead, back, arms, any remaining body parts.
Naming rights to first born child.
Ownership of said first born child.
Self Respect


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