COTD: Down on the (staged) street, Lotus Cortinas edition

While an increasing portion of our filmed entertainments come courtesy of a server farm, the uncanny valley and financial concerns still requires nods toward realism. Which is how these two Lotus Cortinas (and a MG 1100) came to be parked on a New York street. As Automobile ace (and possible owner) Jamie Kitman notes, they're background for a TV pilot of "Pan Am," essentially a "Mad Men" in the skies. QuatlooMillionaire had some ideas of his own about how Hollywood works after our post on changes to Red Dawn:

BUNNY: Oh my God, Stryker! We're being invaded by [COUNTRY HERE]!

STRYKER: Those [SLUR HERE] bastards! You'd think they'd be too busy with [ATROCITY HERE]. Wish I could see the look in their [STEREOTYPE HERE] eyes when we blast them all the way back to [CONTINENT HERE].

BUNNY: Promise you'll shoot me if [RACIAL HYGIENE PANIC HERE]. Promise!

STRYKER: They forgot one thing: [SECESSIONIST STATE HERE] courage and pride.

BUNNY: But Stryker, that's two things!

STRYKER: You learn that in college, with all that [SECTARIAN BOOGEYMAN HERE]-ist bullshit?


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