Thank heavens winter's cold grip has loosed just enough across much of the country; otherwise it might be a hard night for those of you getting ready to camp out for the release of "Fame: Danica Patrick" comic book. Unlike most things with Patrick's name attached, this doesn't appear to have any official license or connection, given the artwork that looks less like Patrick and more like Jennifer Love Hewitt passed through several Photoshop filters. It's from the same comic-book factory responsible for high-quality bios of Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and Rosie O'Donnell. But who are we to question marketing strategies? Luckily Alan505 felt no such compunction following our post about why car ads don't talk about cars:


"Car ads cannot be about cars."

But I guess pharmaceutical ads can be.

Viagra ad: About cars (fills muscle car radiator up with tap water)
Advair ad: About cars (waxing green truck with his adult diaper)
Flomax ad: About cars (5 guys squeezed together in their fabulous convertible on the way to the game)


I'm seeing a trend here. If you're middle-aged, can't breath, have a weak stream, and can't adjust your "ride height" then the ad for the pill that fixes it will feature something from the era when you could.

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