Our exploration of train-hopping in India brought this related video to our attention; a Bollywood dance number conducted entirely on a moving train, the kind of move Bob Fosse could only dream of. It manages to be new and different while capturing the essence of the tradition, the same trick Ex. President Mack '97 says Cadillac needs to pull off with a new flagship:

Look, I love the CTS-Vs. Love'em. But a Cadillac should be too big. A Cadillac should be brash. A Cadillac should cruise. A Cadillac should take up the spot in front and behind. It should come in pink. It should come in white with red, crushed velvet seats. It should come as a convertible. It should have fins like a surfboard. It doesn't need to have performance, it needs to have style. It needs to be outrageous; it needs to piss people off; it needs to use too much gas. Most of all, it needs to be a Cadillac.