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It's been tons of fun poking at the few folks who believe the end of the world can be parsed to a particular hour this weekend, especially when the radio station at the center of the ruckus continues to provide forecasts for the next five days. Yet they've provided us with a welcome reminder that none of us really can tell when our worlds will change — whether for the better or for an unfortunate end — and embracing that uncertainty means enjoying as many moments as possible, like my kids taking their first ride in a convertible. (Also, people who harsh on the Chevy Camaro drop top? Dead inside.) Our sins can wait, a point first-time commenter adamninjar made in his comment on a be-winged FT-86:

FT86: Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Priest: How long has it been since your last confession?

FT86: It has been 5 Fast and Furious movies father.

Priest: Worry not child Tokyo Drift doesnt really count. Tell me what are your sins my son?

FT86: I am so ashamed.

Priest: What is this weight upon your soul, please tell me.


Priest: And whos wing is the object of your desires?

FT86: My parents favorite son, my brother STI.

Priest: This discretion is most grave in the post tuner era my son. Clearly one should only be allowed a duck tail or no wing at all.

FT86: But father I still secretly covet a REAL spoiler!

Priest: Superbird, Escort Cosworth RS Turbo, and Porsche 930 be damned! You are judged in the eyes of the Jalop! Your penance shall be most harsh.

FT86: Forgive me father, tell me what I must do!

Priest: From this day hence thou shalt be despoiled.... may Shuichi Shigeno have mercy on your soul.

FT86: *gentle sobbing... "supra why have you abandoned us"

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