Homages to the past pop up in the strangest places, like this old Atari 2600 cabinet transformed into a homebuilt analogue synthesizer dubbed the Atari Punk Console. Gamecat235 noticed another form of recycling based on the idea of an upcoming turbo Veloster:

I like Hyundai's tribute through the history of Japanese cars... First they release the cheap simple reliable cars that everyone grew to love from Japan (boring, but moneymakers).

Then they get a little sporty (Tiburon - testing the waters) - sort of mocking the decline of the Prelude/Celica boom.

Then from there they get aggressive, bringing back the fun little turbo-4 RWD sporty coupe in the Genesis Coupe (can you say 240 SX clone?).

Now, we get the spiritual successor to the CRX Si. What's next? A cheap econo RWD with a tiny turn radius? (86)...

I wholeheartedly approve.

Also, Hyundai, when are you bringing back the Supra?


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