If you'd asked me yesterday if I thought yellow could ever look really good on a car, I'd have safely said no. Came upon this shot while doing the search for the AOTD gallery and immediately realized how blind I had been.

Sure, as a rule I'm not fond of yellow. Too gaudy, too light; I prefer the drama of darker shades. But this thing is just freakishly gorgeous, all audacious raciness and perfect balance. (A weird thing to say about a 911 Turbo, to be sure.) Happy to make an exception here.

That happens. Rules and opinions can be strict up to a point, but there something will happen that gets that uncomfortable pause and reconsideration. The greater sin would be to remain stubbornly fixed.

Life is big, interesting, messy, complex, and full of surprises. Which is good...well, almost always. Exceptions to the exceptions? ClayW knows, and so does Commissioner Gordon, and a caped crusader with a ding on his traffic record:

BATMAN: I'm going to need continuous, unconditional, behind-the-scenes support from all law enforcement agencies.


BATMAN: I mean it. Gotham Police, FBI, Internal Affairs, County Police.....


BATMAN: For what? License plates?! Don't be stupid. No one's going to pull me over.

COMMISSIONER GORDON: You got it, boss.

Photo Credit: TachePhoto / Shutterstock.com