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The blog at obsessed with breaking toes on hard black rubber and chrome had pricing info on the latest mid-size sedan from the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid dropped into it's lap. And although pricing info on the SE trim level of the Dodge Avenger was announced at the Detroit Auto Show β€” pricing on the other trim levels wasn't really cared about yet available. Luckily for those interested in not-so-budget-priced mid-size sedans, appears to have snagged all the info from the maws of the half-teutonic beast. And we've snagged it from them β€” along with a pretty little gallery to remind you of what the not-Sebring looked like at its Detroit Auto Show reveal last week. Pricing's below the jump.

β€’ Avenger SE: $18,220
β€’ Avenger SXT: $19,120
β€’ Avenger R/T: $22,870
β€’ Avenger R/T (AWD): $24,870

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