Thanks to a tip from reader Cody, we've seen our second Limited Edition Hertz Corvette ZHZ crash, this one in Utah, where the driver crashed over a brutal-looking rock wall. Details and more photos below.

My former boss posted these this morning:

"My neighbor had a little hard luck last night. At around 10:45 I was in the kitchen and saw his headlights come in, then a few seconds later there was a loud grinding, crunching sound. Looks like he had a few too many cocktails."

This makes the second crash of one of the 500 Corvette ZHZs, the original occurring when a ZHZ smashed into a Dallas restaurant. No matter what the circumstances surrounding this one, you have to expect more of these in the future. Drop anyone in a rented 430 HP rear-wheel-drive sports car and they're bound to do stupid things. (Thanks again Cody)