For the very special price of $75,329 (¥7,980,000) GM's willing to give you what they're calling the Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited. Sure, it looks a lot like a regular 'Vette, but it's spec'd out with mesh inserts, a set of special wheels, a lip spoiler and with only 30 of them being offered (15 in black, 15 in white), it sounds like a sure winner to us. Heck, we're about to hop a flight over to Japan so we can get one right this instant. Can you tell how super awesome excited we are for the chance to buy a limited edition of the number one best super car from America? Well, that could be because we're actually not at all excited at the prospect of purchasing a special edition Corvette that looks like the only thing special about it is it's been given the Pep Boy "#4" kit.


We mean, why should we be getting excited over a Z06 for the same price or a 2009 Corvette ZR1 for 133% the price when we could get an S-Limited? Who seriously asks — man, why can't we get more mesh inserts from GM? [GM Japan Product Site]

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