Corvette Owner Gets Free Sunroof

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All over the Internet today is word that the 2005-2006 Corvette Coupe might have a little flaw. The roof can come detached and "fly off" at 60 mph. So says CorvetteForum Senior Member Sprite2005. "My roof fell off doing 60mph, taking it to a dealership tomorrow...." What Sprite2005 didn't know is that GM had offered a service bulletin for the defect. He also didn't know that there would be pages of comments about his bad luck and accompanying photos. "35k hits and counting, I think imma buy a P-car, tear the roof off, have it covered under warranty, post pictures of the car along with ads, and have the car pay for itself." Sprite2005, here are a few thousand more clicks for you and we hope you get to make some money out of this deal.

Roof Fell Off....[CorvetteForum]


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