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Corvette Leaving Car Meet Shouldn't Have Had A V8, Crashes

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Remember those V8 vegetable juice commercials where people would physically assault someone’s forehead for not getting the vital nutrients they need? Here’s a reference. Well on the opposite end of that, this C7 Corvette Z06 driver totaled his car by actually having a V8.


The video below shows the Z06 showing off leaving a car meet in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it doesn’t take long for the 650 horsepower V8 to plant itself in the roadside planters, damn well totaling the car. The video makes it seem like that power was not under control.

Check the clips out for yourself:

Unsurprisingly, the video is uploaded to a channel called “Tucson Street Racing,” so here’s my obligated reminder that unsanctioned racing of any sort is fucking dumb, particularly in public streets lined with plenty of flimsy live bodies.


Luckily the driver seems to confirm he’s alright in the video, but you’re bound to get a smack in the head doing burnouts in the street like that—either by the tree you crash into, the cops that write the ticket or your family members when they found out.

Be safe kids!

Via CarScoops

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Corvettes are really moving downmarket these days. This sort of thing used to just be Mustang territory. Sad!