Corvette Fanboy Sees 2014 Corvette And Predictably Freaks Out

Now that the 2014 Corvette has finally broken cover, it can drop all that ridiculous camo it was wearing when it tested on public roads.

That also means that every single one seen by a big Corvette fan will elicit a school girl Beatlemania-esque freakout. This is the first such freakout caught on camera.

Since the auto show, the cars have been seen testing in Arizona without the camouflage. They look pretty damn good on the road.


But then a forum member saw the cars and predictably went all crazy, kind of like I did when I got that Sega Genesis for my birthday way back when.

The forum member follows the cars while using the f-word more liberally than Bill O'Reilly in a taping gone awry. They park and the engineers let him ask questions and take pictures without ruining his camera equipment. The red car is also the first we've seen without the Z51 package. You can tell from the lack of the little rear wing.


He must have thought he was having the kind of wet dream you have wet dreams about. That's not even an obnoxious music track over the video. Corvette fans listen to power rock so often it constantly surrounds them like an aura whenever they get an erection.

It may be a bit much, but it's also awesome to see this kind of enthusiasm for America's legendary sports car.

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You call Dio "obnoxious music"? You're fired.