Corvette Annihilates Tire Wall At Le Mans

Screencap via FIA WEC
Screencap via FIA WEC

Sadly, it is the No. 64 Corvette’s turn for bad luck this year. The 2015 race-winning team burst open a tire wall at Turn 1 after driver Tommy Milner lost control. Fortunately, Milner is okay, but the car certainly isn’t.

The heaviest crash of Le Mans yet brought out a slow zone in order to allow workers to safely repair the barrier. Barrier repairs continue as we speak. Milner was vying for a top-five position at the time of the crash.


Additionally, the No. 35 Baxi DC Racing Alpine LMP2 brought out another slow zone right at the same time as it nosed into the barrier. It, too, was vying for a top-five spot in its class.

Alpine driver Nelson Panciatici wasn’t quite sure that his car was unrepairable until marshals lifted his car up to take it to safety.


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