Corvair-Powered Fiberfab Valkyrie GT-15 Prepares To Take Leave Of This World

Last week, reader Curtis sent in an intriguing tip: a self-service wrecking yard in my area had a "kit car that looks kinda like a GT40 powered by what looks to be a Porsche engine."


Well, that sounded like a member of the Fiberfab family to me, and I figured the "Porsche engine" would turn out to be a VW Type I with funky carburetors and/or strange-o cooling ducts. Nope! That's a Corvair engine underneath that battered fiberglass body.

In case you were in any doubt about the decade of this car's origin, here's a clue. Four-time DOTS honoree WhatWouldJesseDo was seriously considering buying this car and making it into a totally sensible daily driver, but the battered old GT-15 is now off limits. More on that sad story later today.


Back in those days, aftermarket sunroofs were serious- and leaky- status symbols.

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