Cops Search For Shirtless Nut Who Drove Indy 500 Camaro Out A Window

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Here’s a thing that you should totally not do: sneak into a Chevrolet dealer, steal a commemorative Indy 500 Festival Camaro, and then drive it out a window and down some stairs before you abandon it and flee shirtless into the night. It’s not a good look.


But that is what happened in the town of Zionsville, Indiana last night, where police are searching for a man who stole that Camaro out of the Bill Estes Chevrolet and fled in it until being forced to abandon it when it became undrivable.

Or maybe he just lost interest and moved on to his next act of vandalism. Who even knows?

TV station WTHR reports the suspect broke into the dealership around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. He somehow got the keys to the Indy 500-themed Camaro, then drove it through the front plate glass window and down some stairs. The suspect drove it into town before the car died three miles away, damaged from the initial crash.

Not surprisingly, police found blood inside the car, since driving through a giant plate glass window in a convertible is a horrible, stupid idea. The suspect was described as a while male with glasses who wasn’t wearing a shirt.

The worst part? There was a “SOLD” sticker inside the Camaro, meaning it was supposed to be somebody’s car until Nakedchest McRuinseverything decided it should be his instead. Some people, man.

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Wow, that’s almost every Camaro stereotype, all at once. I’m sure they’re angry, but also sort of nodding, too.