Coppers In Taxi Nab Teenage Burglars

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The age of high speed police chases may be coming to an end as the coppers are cutting out the middlemen and deciding to just pick up the criminals in their supposed getaway vehicles. This was the case when two teenagers robbed a store in Ontario. Little did they know that their getaway vehicle was being driven by police officers taking the two directly to jail. Then again, the getaway vehicle was a taxi cab and the police were tipped off by the cab company after the two kids, out of breath, called for a cab in an area that police knew a robbery would be taking place.


These kids aren't the brightest by leaking information that they would be robbing the store prior to the robbery AND calling a cab to getaway. Maybe they got the idea from watching the movie Taxi, and if so, they should be in jail just for that. [Reuters]

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In New York, the NYPD has some cabs they use for undercover/anti-crime work. You can tell they aren't real taxis since the license plate does not match the medallion number (as on real cabs) and they often have two officers in the front.