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Cop Holds On To Dangling Truck To Stop It From Getting Blown Off A Bridge

Image: WYP
Image: WYP

An officer in the United Kingdom showed the world just what a cop without a gun can do after he save a driver’s life by holding an entire truck back from a precipice.


Okay first things first; Motorway Martin is an adorable twitter handle for a UK traffic cop. British people have basically two speeds: terrifying colonizers and adorable rascals. Among the traffic updates and his rescues of stranded drivers was this tweet posted last Friday.


The accident occurred on the A1 near West Yorkshire, NDTV reports. Roads Policing Officer Martin Willis was the first on the scene and found a van over turned and dangling from the edge of the overpass. As every large vehicle passed, the van swayed a little closer to doom. Martin grabbed hold of the van and spent 15 minutes white knuckling it until help arrived.

It took two hours for Willis and his fellow officers to free the injured driver, who probably won’t be spending a lot of time visiting high places anytime soon. The driver remains hospitalized. The driver’s brother expressed his appreciation for Willis and the other West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue officers who helped save his brother’s life.

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