This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than Island That Rust Forgot. Today we're going to upstate New York, where OtsegoNY shot this amazing three-fer-one combo in Cooperstown. We've got a vintage Flxible transit bus, a Volvo 544 painted to match, and a Sears Allstate motorcycle, all in one glorious drivin' unit! Make the jump to read OtsegoNY's description.

I found these pictures while sorting through my electronic picture files on my computer. I took them a couple of years ago when I saw this great combo parked in one of Cooperstown, NY's tourist parking areas. The combo consists of a 1945 Flxible Clipper, a Volvo 544 as a "toad" back-up and a Sears Allstate bike (which I believe was made by Puch in Austria). All of the vehicles are painted a matching paint scheme of oxide red and white. They must have been running because they have California plates and they only made a one day appearance in Cooperstown.

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