Coop Felled by Lawyer!

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Poor Coop. His recently-purchased Ford Falcon wagon was uncerimoniously crumped by a legal eagle sipping a caffeinated beverage and making an illegal left turn. Mister Cooper's laid up with a busted leg and the front end of his fresh garage-saling ride is ailing in a way that isn't just gonna buff right out. We wish the artist a speedy recovery and the lawyer a festering boil right in the middle of his forehead for mangling such a fine automobile and injuring one of our favorite artists.

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He Brakes for Nobody: Coop's New Wheels [Internal]

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Token "oh that'll buff right out" comment. (Saying that can result in the death penalty in many Third World countries.)

Glad you're ok, but don't forget: this is the 21st century! We men can do some amazing things with metal, so I have hope for that badass Falcon wagon yet.