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Wow, what a great Idea. A small, economical car, whose block-like shape is both a symbol of its quirk and the reason for its utility. The kids will totally eat it for breakfast. Or maybe it'll be 55-year-old men. Eh, who cares, it'll sell like hotcakes. Kudos, Great Wall motors of China.


Scion's New xB Could Be Bigger, US Only [internal]

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I worked for a nameless hydraulic winch & recovery company in Pompano Florida, that supplies the military.(is that vague enough?) One day they decide to develop an electric winch line to compete with Ramsey, Warn, and Superwinch. First thing they do is purchase a few from ebay and send them to China to get cloned.

Poof 6 months later the container arives with a full load of garbage that looked just like a winch. Broken casings, Soft metals, faulty solenoids and all.

The moral of the story is that this company ruined its good reputation so they could skip the r&d portion of development. They got what they deserved. If it wasn't for the military contract they would be out of business.

These Chines companies are not different. If the quality isn't there they wont last. (ex: Yugo)