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So lets say you've got a hankering for a mid-80's mustache style Ferrari but you don't want to deal with maintenance bills that would make Leno cringe. Perhaps we might interest you in an armored Maybach 62 this shockingly realistic looking '86 Ferrari Testarossa. Normally this is where we would make fun of the Fiero chassis that is holding all that sneaky body work up, but not in this case. There's an 1984 Chevy Camaro lurking under them thar fenders!

The obvious match of mullet to mustache has us staggering. Not only does this street fighters' combo land the one two punch of terrible chassis and solid axle, it finishes us off with the less than spectacular 305 V8 mated to a legendary 80's GM slushbox. Don't worry though, it's got original Ferrari badging and needs paint work. Keep in mind that "if you don't like attention & people asking you to take pictures, this is not the car for you!!" (h/t goes to Greg Navarro) [Craigslist]


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