Conspiracy Nut Boycotts Audi Green Police Ads For Being Fascist

A crazy conspiracy nut wants you to boycott Audi because he thinks the Green Police Ads are fascist. No, not because the original green police rounded up Jews, but because green politics supposedly violate the constitution.


We're actually not sure what Blank Reg's (yes, that's his real name) argument here is, but it seems to involve Al Gore, the UN, the New World Order and Audi conspiring to conquer America with a fourth reich of eco-fascism. While we're as tired as anyone else of companies using supposedly eco-friendly products to proclaim themselves holier than thou, this all seems a little crazy.

A Facebook page dedicated to boycotting Audi describes itself thusly:

This group is for anyone who was subjected to the new Audi commercials endorsing Fascist techniques to enforce compliance with the global warming hoax, utilized to create new global taxation, while trying to enjoy the Super Bowl.

Taking things further, Mr. Reg is calling up a bunch of Audi dealers and ranting and raving at them about all this, then publishing the calls on YouTube. That's right, he's not calling up the company responsible for making the ads, but rather independent dealers who react to all this remarkably professionally. Of course, recording and publishing a phone transcript without the other party's consent is one of those thing our soon-to-be-conquered-by-eco-fascists country currently prohibits.

Blank has launched his very own Boycott Audi website that we must say has a refreshing amount of scantily-clad young ladies on, but not much in the way of support. At the time of writing, only eight people have signed on to support Blank's grass roots movement. [via Audizine]


Thanks for the tip, Alex.

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