Conquer The Snowpocalypse With A Propeller-Powered Sled

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What if you removed an ultralight airplane's wings and replaced its wheels with skis? You'd end up with something much like the Snow Glider, a Czech-built contraption capable of 75MPH on ice and snow and besting 30 degree grades. Cool.

Russian-built Aerosleds were the first prop-driven land vehicles of any level of success, predating the wheeled and French Helicron by decades, but the Ruskies developed them out of necessity rather than weirdness. It's much easier to glide across the surface of the snow in a lightweight vehicle rather than plow through it in something hefty and wheeled. The Aerosleds developed into bigger and more complex vehicles eventually leading to the development of ekranoplans, but they started out small and simple, like the Snow Glider. The Glider is the work of Václav Zahrádka, who hails from the Czech Republic, and features a lightweight design like the originals, but makes improvements everywhere.

The Glider is built on an aluminum frame with an enclosed fiberglass canopy, a 40 HP snowmobile engine driving the propeller at the rear. The suspension is simple, relying on the flexion of the rear ski supports and an airplane-style strut up front. Steering is done with foot controls and the throttle and brakes are controlled by hand. It'll top 75 MPH on flat surfaces and can power up hills with up to a 30 degree grade. It's the perfect vehicle to conquer the panic-inducing but not unprecedented weather the southern US has been seeing this winter. [Diseno-Art via AutoMotto, More details about Aerosleds]