I am a former fat kid. Yes, that's right, an FFK. Not to make things too personal here, but because of that I'm not so much a fan of McDonald's. Which is why I perked up to one of the promo pieces CNBC's got running for a special taking viewers "Inside the McDonald's Empire" tonight at 9 PM. The piece catching our eye was this one for the service provided to bus drivers who bring their buses into a McDonald's in Darian Darien, CT. The drivers get their bus cleaned, they don't wait in line and often they don't even pay for their McMeal. Wonderful. Thank you bus tour drivers of Darian, CT — thank you for helping make your riders get more and more fat. I'm so upset I'm going to run over and grab a sack of the new one-third pound burgers and shovel them down my throat until the fat overload makes me feel better.